Rumor: Stephen Kings's Dark Tower series getting gamed

Stephen King's most ambitious body of work may soon be getting its own ambitious game. Sources involved with the upcoming Dark Tower series of movies and TV shows have let slip that Universal Studios is also planning a videogame version of legendary Gunslinger's story.

While nothing has been set in stone, Universal Studios has announced that Ron Howard has been signed on to direct the first film and TV season for King's opus which follows an inter-dimensional gunslinger on his quest to locate the center of all known reality (aka the Dark Tower) with his rag tag group of inter-dimensional friends (aka his ka-tet). Now, an 'inside source' by the name of Eddie Dean has revealed to Ain't It Cool News that a video game version is also in the works, reporting:

“Universal is giving very strong support...There's also a very ambitious game component being planned that will further utilize elements from the books. [If everything continues on schedule and the budget is approved], it looks like things are coming together for a late-summer or early-September start.”

For King fans, this news is probably bigger than the announcement of the 3DS and Sony's NGP combined. Seriously. To put the Dark Tower's rabid following into context, the main question following Stephen King's near-death experience in 1999 wasn't if he would be able to walk again, but if his typing fingers still worked, and if he could finish the series. That said, adapting seven books on countless spin-offs is a tall task, and the Dark Tower may be too complex a story to tell in one title. How about it, King fans? Is the videogame world ready for Roland?

Jan 28, 2011

[Source: Ain't It Cool News]

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