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Rosario Dawson calls comedians "dark, negative people"

Rosario Dawson, leading actress in new talking animal comedy Zookeeper , has said that comedians “tend to be pretty dark.”

Of her current co-star, Kevin James, Dawson was happy to compliment calling him “sweet” and “loving”.

But on the rest of the funny men and women she's worked with, Dawson remarked, “I've spent a lot of time with comedians over the years and I love some comedians, but they can tend to be pretty dark, negative people.”

Having appeared in several comedies before (including Clerks 2 and God awful sci-fi flop, Pluto Nash ) it begs the question, which comics are the ‘moody’ type she’s on about?

Still, at least her experiences on Zookeeper seem to have done wonders for her own ego.

“I’ve got a pretty big head now,” she chuckled. “I feel like I could do comedies all the time.”

Zookeeper will be in released on July 29 th 2011.