Romero gears up From A Buick 8

George A Romero fans may have been salivating at the thought that he’d follow Land Of The Dead with the proposed road-trip zombie film that sees the Dead Reckoning tank crew taking on the undead hordes as they search for a safe haven. But while he is sticking with the world of the supernatural, he’s switching gears to tackle Stephen King’s From A Buick 8.

King’s story features a state trooper in Maine who’s killed at the side of the road. When his colleagues try to help his son deal with the man’s death, the trooper’s dark secrets begin leaking out. Specifically, the car hidden in the back shed comes with more than just air-con, CD player and chrome rims… We’re talking EVIL power.

Trivia note: the script’s been co-written by Johnathon Schaech, best known for starring in Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do. Schaech is also producing the film.