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Rome 2: Total War announcement teased

The image below was taken by a reader of PCPowerPlay magazine, and it seems to tease at a reveal of Rome 2: Total War coming in the next issue of the magazine and spotted onNeoGAFbyCVG.

Unfortunately, we don't have anything else to go on besides this single, relatively uncertain image. Then again, we're having trouble coming up with any other realistic ideas about what this might be.

Sure, there are some possibilities like Pompeii 2, Grand Ages: Rome 2, Gods and Heroes 2, History Channel Great Battles of Rome 2, The Republic of Rome 2 (for all we know it's a remake of Ceasar 2) but we can't see those games being teased on the back page of a magazine.

It's much more likely that we're getting a sequel to one of the most highly rated strategy games ever made. Which is awesome. July 18 can't come soon enough.