Rocket League on Nintendo Switch is a match made in heaven

Nintendo and Psyonix Studios today revealed at E3 2017 that Rocket League - the award-winning vehicular soccer title which stole our summers in 2015 - will be coming to Nintendo Switch this holiday season.

The game will arrive already packed with all of the updates and features released over the last two years by Psyonix, in addition to new items exclusive to Switch, such as the adorable Mario and Luigi hat toppers as seen in the newly released trailer.

Psyonix and Nintendo have worked together to ensure that Rocket League will also be compatible with all of the Nintendo Switch’s play modes, including online and local multiplayer and even cross-platform support to compete with PC and Xbox One players.

As a colourful, competitive and endlessly addictive sports game with a lot of character and quirk, Rocket League fits in perfectly right alongside the likes of Arms and Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. What’s more, Rocket League is exactly the type of game ideal for enjoying on the daily commute, or other travel situations where players might not have enough time to delve deep into expansive worlds like Hyrule or Skyrim, but still have a few minutes to get in some quick down-time by partaking in pure, honest-to-goodness car soccer.

Rocket League has been a fantastic presence for every system it’s landed on so far, and I’m in no doubt that Nintendo Switch is a great additional stepping stone for both the console and the game to flourish in new ways.

No word on pricing or specific release dates yet, but Psyonix promises more info later to come before the planned holiday launch window.

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Alex Avard

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