Rocket League adds official Ghostbusters mode to kick off its Radical Summer event

When there’s Rocket League in the E3 2019 hood, who Psyonix gonna call? Ah, don’t make me do the punchline. It’s been a while since GR checked in with the ultimate in soccer-driving-speedball hybrids, but we can’t resist sharing this most excellent piece of news: Rocket League just added an official Ghostbusters mode. 

It’s called Ghost Hunt, and is the first big reveal from the game’s ongoing Radical Summer event which lasts from 10 June to 12 August. Ghost Hunt mostly works in the same way as a standard three-on-three Rocket League contest, except: 1. You get the option of driving ECTO-1, and 2. You can use a proton stream to bring the ball under control, effectively magnetising it to your vehicle. Do that in your opponent’s ‘containment zone’ just in front of their goal for two seconds in order to score a point. Neat-o.

The ECTO-1 battle car pack costs $1.99 and also comes with ECTO-1 wheels, a Slimer topper, proton pack boost, Ghostbusters avatar border, and Stay Puft goal explosion. 

Ghost Hunt is a limited-time game mode that forms part of Radical Summer's first phase, which encompasses a ‘80s Blockbusters theme. For instance, playing online matches earns cassette tokens which can then be traded in for items to use in-game: Ghostbusters wheels, Ectoplasm boosts, a hoverboard topper, a Molly Ringwald themed arena. Wait, I might have dreamed the last one. 

The Blockbusters theme runs until 30 June, when it’ll be replaced by ‘Culture’ themed modes and goodies until 21 July. After which point the theme switches again to ‘Television' from 22 July until 12 August. Already confirmed for that latter phase is a Knight Rider car pack. You might even call it a tidy piece of KITT. 

Rocket League is out now on every imaginable format, and sits atop GamesRadar’s list of the the 11 best current football games that aren’t called FIFA or PES.

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