RoboCop Remake Grinds To A Halt

Production on halted on the RoboCop remake, according to Movie Hole because of artistic differences between director Darren Aronofsky and studio MGM.

Apparently, says one of Movie Hole's sources, "I've spoken with Phoenix Pictures [and] asked them about the status of RoboCop... they told me that the project is on hold. The problem is that Mary Parent, Chairperson of MGM, wants a 3D movie for the new RoboCop, but as you know, Darren Aronofsky is a real artist and he's not interested in Gimmicks like, 3D, CGI, filming digital - he wants to do everything as real (organic) as possible just like The Fountain."

Which makes you wonder, well what did MGM expect signing up a maverick like Aronofsky? He was hardly going to give them Transformers 3, was he? But you have to remember, MGM is up for sale at the moment, and to make them more attractive to possible buyers, they need exciting, profitable-looking projects on their slate. And a 3D, CGI makeover of RoboCop is more likely to put dollar symbols in suits' eyes than an indie-spirited, arthouse version, no matter how "organic" it may be. Let's be honest, love him or not, Aronofsky is hardly what you'd call bankable?

So, are his days numbered? Who else would you like to see directing RoboCop? Or do you think Aronofsky should be allowed to make his vision of the film, whether than involves Japanese Kabuki theatre and Czech animation sequences or not?

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