Robin Hood: the Legend of Sherwood Cheats

Robin Hood: the Legend of Sherwood Cheats

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    Trainer Cheats

    Download the trainer at the link below then follow directions:

    , reselect the cheat in the drop-down list, then run game.
    During gameplay hit F6. This must be done once only.

    For each new mission, goto console by making sure Robin is standing up,
    then place mousepointer over the "Crouch" icon (in left lower corner),
    press F11 and finally enter FLT at the code-prompt to enable cheatcodes
    for the current mission (the string "Praised be His Name" will confirm
    that cheatcodes have succesfully been enabled for current mission).

    Now use the following cheats:

    FULLHOUSE Give all PCs ammunition for all actions.
    NUKE Kill all opponent in the level.
    PAMELA ANDERSON Make the soldiers stupid in close combat.
    FREEZE Freeze / unfrost all NPCs in the level.
    BUD SPENCER Stun all oponents.
    DIES IRAE Divine intervention against enemies.
    GOLDENEYE Make all PCs invisible for other characters.
    HIGHLANDER All PCs become invulnerable.
    WAPPEN Give blazons
    I AM THE WINNER Win the campaign !
    WIN Win this mission !
    LOOSE Loose this mission !
    EZB Gives money

    FPS Display the FPS rate
    AI Display AI information.
    ALARM Reinforcement arriving...
    AMOR Increase the number of available arrows for all
    the selected PCs.
    AMULETS Add amulets to the campaign.
    BABYLON Display all NPC remarks on screen.
    BIG BROTHER Display some actor infos.
    CALL Call a PC's method
    COMA Put a PC in the coma
    COMPANIES Display the company numbers
    EINSTEIN Show all 3D-obstacles !
    ELEVATION Display bonds (yellow, red when crossed), character
    elevation (blue) and character movement (white).
    EULER Show the graph of the pathfinder.
    FORGET Check the current state of the memory
    HADES Kill selected NPC
    HELP Display this help.
    HIGHLANDER2 All adversaries become invulnerable.
    HONOLULU Beam the selected NPC to Honolulu
    KOLKOZ Add a new peasant to the gang.
    LAST MAN STANDING Beam all but the selected NPC to Honolulu
    LEVEL TEXT Display all texts for the current level
    MISTER SANDMAN The PCs make a little nap.
    MORPHEUS Knock out selected NPC
    MOTION Show all motion obstacles & doors.
    NOISE Display ranges of walk noise of the PCs.
    PROJECTION Show all 3D-projection areas.
    RAILROAD Display railroads.
    ROTER ALARM Alert all NPCs in the level
    SAN PETRUS Make all selected PC go to paradise.
    SHADOW Display the free shadow polygon.
    SPHERE Display the shadow polygon sphere.
    STATUS FRAMECACHE Get information about the current sprite caching
    STATUS HARDWARE Get information about the hardware used.
    STATUS SHADOW Get Information about the sprite cache.
    STATUS PC Display the current status of all PC
    UBIQUITY Unblip all actors.
    WAKEUP When the currently selected NPC is sleeping, he
    wakes up.
    WASP MASTER Increases the number of available wasp nets for all
    the selected PCs.
    LUKAS Knock out a PC.
    ANIM Show all animation polylines.
    SARKOZY Securization of all memory allocation !
    SEEKANDDESTROY Display all seek points
    REPORT Complete campaign state report
    LIGHT Display light zones
    PCSIGHT Enable PC view cone
    CAMPAIGN Load campaign values (CAMPAIGN FILENAME)
    CESTLAZONE Display script zones.
    CASH ?
    PAM ?
    UNBLIP ?
    WINNER ?
    BINGO ?