Robert Rodriguez talks Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and hints at Sin City 3

Robert Rodriguez has been discussing the long-awaited Sin City: A Dame To Kill For , and has revealed that filming has now finished on the comic-book sequel.

“I was just here with Frank Miller and we were watching it last night,” says Rodriguez. “[ We ] finished the cut, effects are being done and it will come out in August.”

However, Rodriguez and Miller aren’t about to rest on their laurels, with the director revealing that they’ve already begun planning what they want to achieve with Sin City 3 .

“[ Miller ] watched it last night with me and then at the end he said, he didn’t have any comments, he was very happy with it. And he said, ‘now, about part three’... So he’s already there on part three!”

Directed by Rodriguez and co-starring Josh Brolin, Eva Green, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and a whole host of others, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will open in the UK on 29 August 2014.

George Wales

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