Risk of Rain 2 Switch version is coming this summer

(Image credit: Hopoo Games)

Risk of Rain 2 is already one of the best indie games of the year, and it's still only in Steam Early Access. Fortunately, as developer Hopoo Games announced during Nintendo's recent Nindies show, Risk of Rain 2 is coming to Switch this summer. Hopoo couldn't have picked a better second platform. Risk of Rain 2 is a fantastic co-op game, and Switch is handily the best console for playing with friends. 

If you missed the hype train on Risk of Rain 2, here's a quick primer: the original Risk of Rain (also available on Switch) is a 2D roguelike platformer, and Risk of Rain 2 is basically a 3D, third-person adaptation of it. The jump from 2D to 3D totally changed the way characters, enemies, and the game's bazillion items feel and perform, but Hopoo pulled off the transition remarkably smoothly. Risk of Rain 2 is exactly what fans of the original game were hoping for, and newcomers will find it to be one of the most replayable shooters in ages. 

Risk of Rain 2 is still in active development, so if you buy it on Switch (price TBA, and you will need a Switch Online subscription for online multiplayer) this summer, you'll get access to free new updates as they're released. According to the updated Risk of Rain 2 roadmap, another big update featuring new enemies, items, and another playable character is coming this summer, presumably right alongside the Switch version. You can check out the latest Risk of Rain 2 patch notes here for more on the game's first big update. 

For all the new survivors on Switch, here's everything you need to know about Risk of Rain 2 items and Risk of Rain 2 character unlocks.  

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