Rise of Nightmares demo available now

A new demo's just been released for Sega's Rise of Nightmares. The Kinect exclusive has been creeping around since September of last year, but the title's unique niche means many players are likely to have held off for the time being. After all, how do you know if you're the sort of person who enjoys gesticulating desperately at a screenful of gore and eldritch menace until you've tried?

Fortunately, then, there's now 335MB worth of sample nightmares for you to try out on XBLA, provided you're a Gold subscriber with Kinect and a clean bill of mental health (because scary things can send you mad, see). The demo offers “one hellish night” from the game's larger storyline of madness, dismemberment and inadequate vacation planning, meaning you no longer have to rely on folks like us to decide whether or not the title's for you (though if we can help, here's our review).