Ridge Racer Vita gets free day one DLC, but it stops being free in April

PlayStation Vita launch title Ridge Racer Vita will come with a “Gold Pass” that grants all manner of DLC bonuses (via CVG). The title's Japanese release strategy depended heavily upon DLC: priced lower than most titles, the game's initial roster of five cars and three tracks leaves plenty of room for expansion to say the least.

The Gold Pass, to be included along with new boxed and digital copies of the game until the end of March, doubles the amounts of both vehicles and areas on offer, as well as providing extra music tracks. Pick up the game after March (or secondhand, obviously) and you'll pay for the expansion, though Namco Bandai has said it'll be providing a “Silver Pass” come April. Do you like the idea of a portable title based on optional DLC, or are you waiting for a Vita racer that costs (and includes) a bit more?