Here's how to play Rider's Republic for free on PC right now

Rider's Republic
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Here's how to play Rider's Republic PC trial for free before it launches in full later this month.

Just yesterday, Ubisoft announced that a forthcoming "PC Play Day" would see Rider's Republic opening its doors for everyone on PC. This 24-hour free play period is actually upon us right now, as Ubisoft made Rider's Republic free for everyone on PC at approximately midnight PT/3AM ET/8AM BST.

Keep in mind that to take part in the PC Play Day for Rider's Republic, you need to be signed up to the Ubisoft Connect service on PC, the developer/publisher's own storefront. You can sign up to the Ubisoft Connect storefront right here, which shouldn't take more than a few minutes and is free for all.

You'll have exactly 24 hours to take part in the PC Play Day. Now that it's kicked off though, the clock is ticking, and there's now less than 21 hours to go until the free play period for Rider's Republic is unfortunately taken offline.

Within the free play period for Rider's Republic, there are special curated playlists from Ubisoft. The 'World Adventure Free For All' playlist incorporates events and sports like biking, snow sports, and air sports, while three Mass Race events will be made available every 30 minutes, pulling 50 players together for some massive competitive sports.

Finally, there's the Tricks Battle mode, which you might remember if you took part in the Rider's Republic beta earlier this year. This mode does away with the races and puts the focus on pulling off incredible feats instead, as two teams of six players go head-to-head in an arena to earn the most points possible in the time allowed.

Rider's Republic launches later this month on October 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. For what we made of the game when we played it for ourselves earlier this year, you can head over to our extended Rider's Republic beta impressions for more.

Alternatively, you can head over to our original Rider's Republic preview from E3 2021 earlier this year for an in-depth chat with the dev team behind the game at Ubisoft.

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