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Ricky Gervais To Bring David Brent To The Big Screen

He’s already, er, a world-class comedian, dancer and middle-manager – but David Brent is now starring in a new movie called Life On The Road .

Ricky Gervais’ cringe comedy clown from The Office is leaving the bright lights of Slough behind him and hitting ‘the circuit’ as a sales rep (but still trying to be a rock star).

According to the film crew following him, it’ll be a simple “where are they now” documentary. According to Brent, it’ll be “like Scorsese filming the Rolling Stones”…

It’s been 11 years since we last saw Brent on our screens (unless you count a few charity shows and his cameo in the American Office ) and a lot has changed in the interim. Most importantly – In The Loop, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and two Inbetweeners movies. On the other hand, we’ve also had Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie and Keith Lemon: The Film

But if anyone can negotiate the stormy waters between Brit-com gold and big screen glory, it’s Brent – probably with a fusion of “Flashdance and MC Hammer shit”…