Rick Yune battles the Ninja Assassin

Speed Racer is just driving into cinemas, but the Wachowski brothers are already filling up the cast on their next film, albeit one they’re just producing.

Ninja Assassin already has a star in the form of Korean pop star Rain, and a female lead in Naomie Harris. But now it has a villain: Rick Yune. “"Not to give too much away, (but) my character stays within what he was brought up with, and they go up against each other," Yune told The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm not a heavy. The characters are ninjas, they are assassins, and there's this mix of morality the Wachowskis are exploring." Ooh, Ninja Assassins in a film called Ninja Assassin? Spoileeeer!

James McTeigue is directing and The Hollywood Reporter has donned a mask to find the details .