Rez Infinite adds Area X - a beautiful, trippy new level built from the ground up

Where other music games were content with having players press buttons in rhythm, Rez attempted to induce synesthesia to make those who played it feel like they could hear colors or see sounds. And I gotta say, having watched a trailer for the all-new Area X level coming to Rez Infinite, I can see where the game is coming from.

Check it out for yourself and see if you don't feel for a moment like you can see through time:

Rez Infinite is largely a PS4 and PlayStation VR port of the PS2 original , but with the addition of Area X, it's also got something new for fans to enjoy. Over on the PlayStation Blog, game producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi writes that Area X is an "experiment," something that "is Rez but it's also not Rez". I'd roll my eyes if anyone else said that, but I think Mizuguchi knows what he's talking about here.

Rez Infinite launches October 13, the same day as PlayStation VR. See you in the virtual fourth dimension.

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Sam Prell

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