Respect: A Borderlands fan has terminal cancer, so Gearbox is naming a gun after them

Credit: Gearbox

Earlier this year we reported on the fact that Trevor Eastman, a Borderlands fan with terminal cancer, might not get a chance to play Borderlands 3, so instead they got flown out to the Gearbox studios to play a preview of it

Now we've found out that Gearbox is going the extra mile and naming a gun after the fan as well, in an eternal tribute to his adoration for the Borderlands franchise, with the shotgun in question being named The Compressing Trevanator, which alternates between dealing fire and corrosive damage. 

But that's not all: Eastman even got to write the comical red text for the gun that's reserved for the special, one-off weapons in Borderlands. Excuse me, I have something in my eye. Below is an image of The Compressing Trevanator itself, which is a sight to behold. 

The Compressing Trevanator, credit: taurustrev on Reddit

The Compressing Trevanator, credit: taurustrev on Reddit

On Reddit the mega Borderlands fan spoke of their experience with Gearbox, which really speaks for itself: 

Hey everybody! So I know a lot of you have followed me and my story with my cancer and how Gearbox actually made my dream come true of being able to play some of the game early...but recently an amazing person from Gearbox actually allowed me to name a gun and the red text under it! I am seriously so happy and astonished how kind they have been to me and it really means the world to me that they did this for me. I wish I could pay them back for everything they've done...and all of you as well for making this dream come true. 

If that's made your heart swell, why not keep that good feeling going? Do something nice for someone else, tell someone how much you care about them. Then go play Borderlands 2 and remind yourself of all the dedicated developers who have made this one fan's dream come true. 

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