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Respawn has issued “a partial fix” to resolve the Apex Legends PS4 crashing bug

Earlier this week, Respawn addressed an issue with the recent 1.0.8 update (opens in new tab) that was resulting in multiple Apex Legends (opens in new tab) crashes on PS4. The small patch was only supposed to update the PS+ reward skins in the PlayStation store, but had instead been causing several players PS4 machines to crash in-game. Community manager Jay Frechette initially took to reddit (opens in new tab) to say the studio were aware of the issue and were currently working to resolve the problem. Frechette has now posted another check-in update (opens in new tab) on the subreddit to say Respawn have implemented a temporary fix while the studio works to fully resolve the issue in the next patch. 

"This week we deployed a small update to PS4 that was meant to update the PlayStation Store only with new reward skins for PS+ members and didn’t expect for there to be any impact for players", Frechette stated in the post, "unfortunately the deployment didn’t go that way."

After some investigating, Respawn discovered the crashes were linked to Lifeline's "Pick Me Up" Banner and listed the possible ways the crashes were being caused: 

"After looking at players reports and testing to reproduce internally, we confirmed that Lifeline’s “Pick Me Up” Banner was causing crashes triggered by:

  • If you've earned the Banner Card and hover over it in the customization menus.
  • Viewing your Banner Card, squatemate's, or the champion's banner in the intro or on the in-world scenes.
  • Inspecting someone who has the card equipped by right-clicking a friend in the lobby." 

Frechette ended the post by stating Respawn have "deployed a partial fix by disabling the Banner and will fully resolve the issue in the next patch." 

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