Resogun Defenders DLC takes off next week

Resogun (opens in new tab)'s voxel shooting mayhem helped sustain PS4 back in the sparse launch times, but its fight is nearly done. Thanks to the Challengers update landing today and Defenders expansion releasing next week, it will end with a bang. A vibrant, blocky bang.

First off, the free Challengers update adds a bunch of new ways to play through Resogun's existing levels. You can play through new Challenges across all existing game modes, which add new wrinkles like trying to rescue 200 humans in a match where every ship ship drops one, and progress toward cumulative feats like rescuing 1,000 humans overall. Either method will get you Challenge Points and increase your player level.

Then Defenders hits PS4 on February 17 in North America and February 18 in Europe, adding two new modes and associated Trophies and leaderboards. It's available as part of the season pass or on its own for $4.99/£3.99 - though no mention has been made of a PS3 or PS Vita version so far.

Protector Mode lets you defend a lone human colony with new power-ups and automated defenses. Rescuing humans and delivering them to cities will extend your control over the planet, while a new planet-flipping mechanic and environmental hazards will keep you on your toes.

Speaking of toes, you'll have to fight on foot in Commando Mode, which sets you as the last human survivor blasting back waves of foes from the ground. Defend your base alone or in co-op, or try to take out your rival's abode in competitive mode. Either way, you get to go out with guns blazing.

Connor Sheridan

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