Resistance skill point guide

Level specific skill points

These skill points, and the ones in the sections below, can only be received on the level in which they’re listed. Similar achievements, if performed on a different stage, will not be rewarded

York Skill Points

  • Supersonic Meat Cubes (3 SP): Kill three Leapers with a frag grenade. This can only be done early in %26ldquo;A Last Survivor,%26rdquo; but you%26rsquo;ll need to do it on a higher difficulty level. Otherwise, there aren%26rsquo;t enough Leapers in circulation.
  • Homing Beacons (3 SP): Kill four Hybrids with the Bullseye. There%26rsquo;s a certain rhythm to the Bullseye%26rsquo;s tag combo that%26rsquo;s difficult to get down, but once you do, it%26rsquo;s excellent at flushing enemies out from behind cover. Simply tag them and then run away while firing straight up. You%26rsquo;ll dispatch the foe and earn these SP.
  • Chimera P%26acirc;t%26egrave; (3 SP): Run over 10 enemies with the tank. This is harder than it sounds.

Grimsby Skill Points

  • Don%26rsquo;t Worry, Insurance Has It Covered (3 SP): Break at least five Chimeran boxes in the Conversion Center. The boxes in question are small black items that look a bit like the original Xbox did; there are two of them outside by the box of Hedgehog grenades, for example. One melee attack will crack them in half.
  • 20th Sentry (3 SP): Don%26rsquo;t take any damage from the laser mines. Sadly, this is down to persistence and memorization.
  • Personal Space Bubble (4 SP): Don%26rsquo;t allow any of the Menials in the Conversion Center to grab you.

Manchester Skill Points

  • Lightfoot (4 SP): Take no damage from mines. Sadly, there%26rsquo;s no easy out for this except for practice and caution, and not exploring the playground around the trench more than you have to. Both types of mines can also be avoided by backpedaling quickly once the mines are activated. (On your second play through, you can really cheat by using backlash grenades as cover against the mines).
  • This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun (2 SP): Kill the Stalker in the Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2 Carbine. Fortunately, you%26rsquo;ll have plenty of backup to distract the Stalker while you do this, but it%26rsquo;s still not a walk in the park. Keep your distance until the Stalker turns its back, then empty your carbine%26rsquo;s clip into the small round depression on the back of its %26ldquo;neck.%26rdquo; It%26rsquo;ll react to taking significant damage by firing powerful rockets, so the moment you hear the characteristic hiss of missiles in flight, leg it.

Nottingham Skill Points

  • In One Ear, Out the Other (2 SP): Get at least five kills by headshot with the L23 Fareye. You must do this on %26ldquo;Viper%26rsquo;s Nest%26rdquo; for it to work.

Cheshire Skill Points

  • Passive Aggressive (3 SP): Kill four Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage. In short, catch them in the radius of a barrel explosion. Easy.
  • We%26rsquo;ve Lost the Security Deposit Anyway (2 SP): Break 10 medical lamps. You can do this really easily without realizing it if you just get a little explosives-happy during %26ldquo;Angel.%26rdquo; We%26rsquo;re still not quite sure what medical lamps look like, but we sure as hell broke 10 of %26lsquo;em.
  • Mirror, Mirror (3 SP): Destroy all the windows in %26ldquo;Angel,%26rdquo; from the morgue through to the area where you fight the Gray Jacks.

Somerset Skill Points

  • Next Speed Trap, 50 Miles (3 SP): Successfully complete the Somerset level in seven minutes and 45 seconds.
  • I Can See My House From Here! (2 SP): Jump at least 50 meters in the Lynx in Cheddar Gorge.
  • Misplaced Aggression (2 SP): Blow up all the cars in the town area of Somerset. You may have to leave a couple of Hybrids alive until you can finish the job, but none of the cars are hidden. The only limiting factor is that once you%26rsquo;ve killed all of the Chimera in the vicinity, the level ends.
  • They Came From Behind (3 SP): Run over three Hybrids while driving in reverse.
  • I Believe This Is Yours (3 SP): Use only Chimeran weapons to kill enemies. The Bullseye and Auger should be some of your go-to weapons anyway, so relying upon them for the duration shouldn%26rsquo;t be too great a trial. Now is a good time to master the Bullseye tag combo, if you haven%26rsquo;t already.

Bristol Skill Points

  • One Eye Dog! (3 SP): Kill a Howler with the Fareye. The process of dispatching the Howler with a single-shot weapon such as the Fareye is similar to playing matador; bait it into leaping, then strafe to the side, turn and hit it in the back with a single shot. Early in the level, when Howlers attack you by themselves, is an excellent opportunity to gather these skill points.
  • A New Kind of Sourdough (4 SP): Kill all the enemies in the cafeteria of Southern Command with the Sapper.
  • Pint in One Hand, Darts in the Other (2 SP): Shoot the center of all four dartboards in Southern Command%26rsquo;s cafeteria with the Fareye.

Bracknell Skill Points

  • Karma%26rsquo;s A Bitch (3 SP): Kill all of the enemies in the tunnels with their own weaponry. Much of the time, this is down to waiting until they fire, then retaliating in kind. This is much easier to do on a second run through the game when you can get a few backlash grenades, thus killing enemies with their own reflected weapons fire.
  • This Is MY House (4 SP): Do not let any Chimera stand on the mining platform in the Chimeran Tunnels for more than 10 seconds.

London Skill Points

  • Leapin%26rsquo; Lizards (3 SP): Take no damage from Rollers on the outskirts of London. You%26rsquo;ll need to repeat the battles in the train station a few times until you get a feel for when Rollers will appear and how best to avoid them. On the plus side, this helps you develop the kind of Zen calm under fire you need to survive the higher difficulty levels.
  • Fast like the Tortoise (2 SP): Take no damage from Slipskulls on the outskirts of London. Most of the Slipskulls appear inside the wrecked hotel, so the best solution may be to save up your Hailstorm ammo and use its alt-fire to do the fighting.

Thames Skill Points

  • Le Parkour (4 SP): Complete the %26ldquo;Giant Slayer%26rdquo; mission in four minutes or less. This is a matter of practice and luck.

Tower Skill Points

  • Breakin%26rsquo; the Law (3 SP): Destroy the Reactor without using the LAARK. The easiest way to break one of the reactor%26rsquo;s coolant rods without the LAARK is to use sustained Bullseye fire or a single 40mm grenade. This isn%26rsquo;t terribly difficult, thankfully, but you won%26rsquo;t be informed whether or not you got the skill points until you start a new game.
  • Vanilla Only, Please (4 SP): Complete %26ldquo;Last Hope%26rdquo; without using secondary fire or grenades.
  • What Would Hale Do? (2 SP): Kill an Angel using only the combat shotgun.
  • Return to Sender (3 SP): Shoot five objects thrown at you by the Angels.