Resistance skill point guide

In Resistance: Fall of Man, much like the Ratchet & Clank games, you can earn skill points by fulfilling various hidden gameplay objectives. The actual objectives are hidden throughout the game, and only reveal themselves once you’ve accidentally pulled one off.

By getting skill points, you can gradually unlock various extras:

  • 10 SP: Concept Art Pack 1
  • 20 SP: Concept Art Pack 2
  • 40 SP: Resistance Behind the Scenes documentary
  • 70 SP: Flip Levels
  • 100 SP: Clank Backpacks
  • 126 SP: Mechanic Skin

General Skill Points

You can receive these skill points at any time, in any level.

1) In for a penny

(1 SP): Kill three Hybrids with a single thrown grenade; the 40mm attachment to the M5A2 won’t do the trick. Frankly, if you don’t get this by complete accident, you’re doing something wrong.

2) Fetch

(2 SP): Kill a Howler with a grenade. Fortunately, this doesn’t say what kind of grenade, so you can stick a Fuel-Air grenade to it and call it a day.

3) Acupuncture is cheaper

(2 SP): Kill three enemies at once with a Hedgehog Grenade. This is easy to do in Manchester.

4) Why are these candles?

(3 SP): Kill eight Hybrids with fire within 20 seconds. There are parts of the game where a few well-placed fuel-air grenades could potentially accomplish this, such as the Hybrid-choked tunnels in Somerset. It might be easier to do this after beating the game, however, so you can use the Dragon.

5) Lovely parting gifts

(2 SP): Squat over 15 dead Hybrids. This hilarious yet tasteless act of dominance can be accomplished very early in the game. The only difficulty you might encounter is in losing count. Simply walk over a dead Hybrid’s face and press the crouch button.

6) Tag, you’re it

(2 SP): Kill five enemies with the Bullseye in 30 seconds. This doesn’t indicate what enemy you should go after, thankfully, so you can earn it easily by using the Bullseye to repulse a swarm of Crawlers.

7) Gasping for air

(3 SP): Kill two Hybrids in a given level only after severing all of their hoses. This will require either stealth or a couple of lucky shots; it’s easy to go all the way through Resistance without even realizing you can deliberately sever Hybrids’ hoses. On higher difficulty levels, try shooting a single Hybrid in the knees to stagger it, then put a few rounds into its back while it’s on the ground.

8) Nowhere to hide

(3 SP): Kill five enemies in a given level by shooting through a wall with the Auger. This is harder than it sounds, as a wall slows down the Auger’s fire. The best way to accomplish this may be to wait until a stage with quite a few slow-moving Menials, such as the giant domed Chimera structures in Somerset, draw them towards you, and fire through ground clutter to knock them out.

9) Twirly whirly

(3 SP): Kill five Menials with the Bullseye trap. An easy accomplishment.

10) Turrets

(3 SP): Kill six enemies with the Chimeran sentry gun. You’ll have many opportunities in Somerset.

11) Mechanical thumbs

(5 SP): Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting. Good luck. You’ll need it.