Resistance skill point guide

Intel locations

By finding and collecting all 30 pieces of Intel that are scattered throughout the game, you can earn the last 12 skill points. Intel helps fill in the back-story behind Resistance, and can be found by exploring the various nooks and crannies of each level.

  • Reading Is Fun! (2 SP): Collect 10 pieces of Intel.
  • Chicks Dig Eyestrain (3 SP): Collect 20 pieces of Intel.


  • Guidelines: After the second checkpoint, head opposite the soldiers to the end of the alleyway. The Intel is at the end of an alleyway with a couple of 40mm rounds.
  • Infection: Moving down the alley from Guidelines, turn left at the burning bus to find a small courtyard. Ammo and Intel can be found therein.
  • Regeneration: At the start of %26ldquo;A Lone Survivor,%26rdquo; move forward until you can climb the stairs. The Intel%26rsquo;s in plain sight inside.
  • Isolationism: Near the previous Intel, in a closet behind the nearby staircase.
  • Landing: At the beginning of %26ldquo;Spires,%26rdquo; don%26rsquo;t descend onto the battlefield. Instead, look to your left, where you%26rsquo;ll find this Intel on a landing.


  • Conversion: Before you get on the first elevator, there%26rsquo;s a cartload of dead soldiers at the end of a hallway. The Intel is in a bathroom near that cart.
  • Captured: After you escape the Conversion Center in %26ldquo;Hunted Down,%26rdquo; check inside the offices along the docks. This Intel is on a counter.
  • York Set Up: Just before the end of the Grimsby levels, as you%26rsquo;re going through the warehouses, you%26rsquo;ll be attacked by some Leapers. After you%26rsquo;ve repelled their assault, backtrack a bit and climb the stairs to find this Intel.


  • Howlers: Before you cross the bridge, turn left and descend the stairs to find a dead man and this Intel.
  • Crawlers: On a shelf in the final area within the cathedral in, well, %26ldquo;The Cathedral.%26rdquo;
  • Stalker Hunt: On a dead soldier at the end of the trench in the park.


  • Harbinger: As you%26rsquo;re about to deal with the Chimera%26rsquo;s mortar battery, look for this Intel on a desk at the base of the stairs.
  • Regarding Cloven: In the trench below the house that holds the Chimera%26rsquo;s mortar battery, look for a hole leading into a command post. There, you%26rsquo;ll find ammo and Intel.
  • Tunnels: On a shelf in the warehouse just before the end of the level.


  • Invasion: On the floor of the generator room.
  • Specimen Tank: In the hall where you first face the Slipskulls, go into the last open room on the right and use the hole in the wall to reach the room to your left. You%26rsquo;ll find fuel-air grenades and Intel on its desk.
  • Post Mortem: Directly in front of you as you enter the morgue in %26ldquo;Angel.%26rdquo;
  • Autopsy: In the infirmary.


  • Field Guide 1: In a grassy field in the first area of %26ldquo;Search and Rescue.%26rdquo; If you%26rsquo;re behind the burning bus, you%26rsquo;ve gone too far.
  • Spires: After opening the first gate, go through, hang a right, and navigate the small, dark forest there until you find a cabin. The Intel is inside.
  • Field Guide 2: In %26ldquo;A Disturbing Discovery,%26rdquo; use the left-hand door to leave the first building. You%26rsquo;ll fight a few Hybrids and find a dead soldier holding this Intel.
  • Tower Notes: As you leave the last building in %26ldquo;A Disturbing Discovery,%26rdquo; turn left and wander around the building%26rsquo;s perimeter.


  • Crates: At the start of %26ldquo;Evacuation,%26rdquo; go downstairs, then look to your right. Chase off the Leapers eating the dead man and take his Intel.
  • Preparations: At the bottom of one of the missile bays in the hangar.
  • Broadcast Guide: On a dead soldier as you make your way back outside, in a red-lit room. It%26rsquo;s nearly impossible to miss.


  • Conduits: During %26ldquo;Into the Depths,%26rdquo; use air-fuel grenades to destroy the Leapers%26rsquo; pods, then investigate the breeding pit on your right as you enter the room.
  • Surrounded: Check around the perimeter of the platform where you face multiple waves of Chimera.
  • Stranger: As you ascend the tower by using the updrafts, keep an eye out below you for this bit of Intel.


  • Weather: There%26rsquo;s an air vent next to a few vending machines in London%26rsquo;s subway station. Break the vent open and crawl inside to find Intel.
  • Drowned: As you proceed to try to clear the transport%26rsquo;s loading zone, look for this Intel in the destroyed hotel. Crawl underneath the pile of debris in one room%26rsquo;s back corner to find it.


  • Construction: After defeating the Widowmaker, leave via the alleyway and check in the alcove for some Intel.
  • Demolitions: Near the end of %26ldquo;Burning Bridges,%26rdquo; you%26rsquo;ll find one of the Black Ops soldiers dead in an alleyway, with this Intel on him.
  • Loved Ones: As you%26rsquo;re evading the Chimera turrets on the ice, duck through the fourth arch and look for this Intel on top of a snowbank.


  • Power Source: On the lower level of the second double-decker bridge in %26ldquo;Angel%26rsquo;s Lair.%26rdquo;
  • Observations: At the beginning of %26ldquo;Last Hope,%26rdquo; keep your eyes peeled for an opening in the chamber wall. It%26rsquo;ll lead you down a narrow path to more Intel.
  • Angels: Once you%26rsquo;ve won past the assault by a trio of Angels, there%26rsquo;s a packet of Intel on the floor of the tunnel in plain sight.