Resistance: Fall of Man - hands-on

Not all of the levels are as chaotic as the open-air battlefields. One level also had us sneaking through a fish cannery in Grimsby, which had been turned into a "conversion facility" by the Chimera. Here, we learned the Chimera's dirty little secret: most of them are actually infected human-Chimera hybrids. Beginning with racks of mummy-like cocoons and ending with huge-jawed monsters, we witnessed each step of the process, fighting a lot of hybrids - including horrible, face-chomping mole-men - along the way.

We also got to wreak a little havoc with "cores," small round batteries used by the Chimera. These work like explosive barrels in every other shooter, except they're a lot more fun, as they'll set off dizzying chain reactions by launching each other in random directions for huge, unpredictable explosions.

Mikel Reparaz
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