Resistance: Fall of Man - hands-on

Resistance is shaping up to be surprisingly tough. We learned this quickly - as the streets exploded with Chimera jumping out to take potshots at us. Running around shooting everything like a maniac quickly (and repeatedly) got us killed, so we ended up spending most of our time crouched behind cover, waiting for a chance to strike. As we made our way through to later levels, however - such as the bombed-out streets of Manchester - even that didn't save us. Beefier, brutal, better-armored Chimera were air-dropped onto the scene with Auger rifles.

The Augers are heavy pulse guns that can lay down temporary shield barriers and shoot through walls - a godsend when they're in your hands, but not so much when they're in the enemy's. Their aim was perfect, and a split-second flash was our only warning when the plasma bolts were about to worm through our cover. We had to keep running, ducking and firing constantly to stay alive.

Keeping safe from the Augers might be a little easier in one of the game's three vehicles. We haven't yet had a chance to try them, but we do know the roster will include a jeep, a drivable Chimera walking tank and one other ride that wasn't revealed as of press time. These should also come in handy against things like the Widowmakers (those big spider-things from the early shots of the game) and the Titans, which look like normal Chimera would if they were 20 feet tall and equipped with huge, explosive-plasma launchers.

Mikel Reparaz
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