Resistance 3 partially set in Africa? For God's sake, Insomniac, learn from Capcom

As part of a big bundle of Resistance 3 details splurged onNeoGAFfrom this month's GI, it's been revealed that one ofthegame'smultiplayer maps is set in an African Prison. Given that FPS MP maps are usually adaptations of locations from the main game (I highly doubt thatInsomniac wouldlet Jimmy Abstractthinker design a deathmatch level set in a totally unrelated location, unless they're turning R3's multiplayer into some crazily eclectic Timesplitters tribute), it's a safe bet that Africa will turn up somewhere in the main game, however briefly.

As for the rest of those details, they are:

  • Capelli (the new protagonist, and Resistance 2 supporting character) started a family with Susan (original protagonis Nathan Hale's Stepsister).
  • Chimera tinkering DNA alchemist Malikov lives, despite his implied death in Resistance 2.
  • Two-player co-op is in, but it'll take place within the main campaign this time.
  • Chimeran Plant Life (that explodes when shot) indicates a greater alien influence across the world, War of the Worlds-style.
  • The AI is cleverer, and will now make better use of the environment by climbing over walls and through windows, etc.
  • Long legs jump from roof to roof, shooting down at you.

  • There's anew weapon called The Mutator. It shoots biological mist that causes boils on the enemy and then pops them, hurting nearby bad guys. See them as your inflatable gore-balloons. Secondary fire makes them go insane and attack their comrades.
  • In terms of other bodily perforation tools, the Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger, and Carbine are all back. All weapons are upgradeable as you use them more and more. Weapons are also made to look more improvised, presumably to reflect the growing desperation of the conflict. So grenades are shaped like food cans full of nails, etc.
  • Insomniac wants to make online more organized and not a cluster like the 60 player matches in R2. No word yet on whether that means better structure or smaller matches, but we'll find out in due course.
  • Humans are now eating humans because of lack of food. It sounds like it's all gone a bit The Road, so expect a fittingly bleak tone through this one. Particularly given that according to the GAF report, the Chimera have basically already won by the time of Resistance 3. This time it's about survival. Capelli however, does have a very specific mission, but no details on what that is as of yet.
David Houghton
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