Resistance 3 demo to accompany Battle: L.A. Blu-ray

TheBattle: LA Blu-ray disc will carry a bonus for PS3 viewers: a half-hour playable demo of Insomniac's September FPS. Battle: Los Angeles, of course, is a heavily fictionalized spin on an actual World War 2 alien-invasion scare, whereas Resistance is an ongoing saga which asks the question, “what if World War 2 had been fought against aliens?” As you can see, then, the two are basically different versions of the same product, only one kicks ass, and the other's Battle: Los Angeles.

Anyway, do you think a lengthy taster of a highly-anticipated shooter is worth shelling out for a Blu-ray? What other demo/movie crossovers would you like to see offered? Let's have your thoughts.

May 3, 2011