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Resistance 2 Cheats

This amazing sequel expands in scope and action everything that was great about the first.

Resistance 2 FAQs

Resistance 2 Hints

  • PS3 | Submitted by PegLeg72

    Medic Level Up

    To level up a medic is even easier than the "leave 1 chimerian. Create a game in Chicago.Several start out by the alley or the tower,these are the easiest.In the alley kill all the grimms and chimera that come in the second wave,but do not go to the end of the alley.Instead stop and go back 2 the first vehicle in the alley.if it is not on fire blow it up.have everyone in the party get on top of the car or around it so they are on fire.(having more than one spec-op is important)put on ring of life for a berserk and start healing,having spec-ops throwing you packs you can get 99,999 exp in no time.You almost level up twice and your rank goes up fast.There is more than one car so if it runs out of flames move to the next one and repeat.more than one medic per campaign can level up but its easier to take turns,having one reach 99,999 first then the next one can do the same.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Barrage7667

    How To Be A Super Soldier

    CO-OP mode

    When you are a soldier there are 3 things you HAVE to do in order for your team to win. First of all, you have the longest life bar out of anyone so you should stay alive the longest, you also have the shield... don't go running around with the shield on! Unless you have a great spec ops (which is highly unlikely) you will run out of shield constantly... you need to preserve your shield or else you AND your teammates will die. Your shield not only protects you but it is vital for your team's survival as everyone usually has to stay behind it to survive. Always staying in front of everyone cause if you die you can be revived, but if everyone else does, chances are you wont be able to revive them because Soldiers revive very slowly. If you ever are near a dead soldier and if you have shield go and revive can shoot at the same time and you are most likely the only one who can get close enough to him to revive him. Also, you need to constantly remind spec ops that keeping you filled with ammo and shield is the most important thing they have to do. This can be done by jumping in front of them constantly until they give you what you need.

  • PS3 | Submitted by ZPaksi

    Quickly Leveling up medic

    Chicago on the Grim Minnie level

    First you need a Medic and a special ops and at the Minnie Grim level in Chicago kill all the Grims except one, and have the special ops stand next to the Grim so it will hurt him. Constantly heal him and, their you go, instant medic XP.

  • PS3 | Submitted by CMCmaster.92 aka Gamester92

    Various Tips


    When you are near a radio and if you listen carefully you will hear some music form it from the 1950's.

    Ha ha, You Missed Me

    When the chimera is shooting you move in either clockwise or counter-clockwise in a circle and you will dodge most of the shots.

    Easier Kill

    When attacking chimeras either shoot for the head or the cooling system on their backs for extra damage.

    Titan Chimera Less Damage

    When a Chimera Titan shots its rocket at you jump before it gets near you and you receive about 20% less damage.

    Stalker Weak Spot

    Aim for the yellow core behind the stalker to deal more damage to it.

    Shield tip

    Using one shield at a time. One person on your team use the shield with the cannon, and when it runs out, the next person uses that shield to block shoots form behind that shield.

Resistance 2 Unlockables

  • PS3 | Submitted by dave

    Competitive Unlockables

    Ammo clips, Hip pack 3, Backpack 6 - Reach level 6
    Backpack 1, Heatstack 3, Heatstack 4 - Reach level 5
    Backpack 4, Heatstack 9, Arm accesory - Reach level 11
    Backpack 5, LAARK, Snake Eyes - Reach level 15
    Belt Accessory 1, Belt Accessory 2, Ring of Life - Reach level 4
    Black ops helmet, Heatstack 6, Invisibility - Reach level 12
    Black ops suit, Hybrid variant, Hybrid variant 2 - Reach level 10
    Capelli, Armor 2; Heatstack 1 - Reach level 18
    Chest armor 1, Overload - Reach level 8
    Chest Armor, Heatstack 10, Backpack 9 - Reach level 21
    Civilian 1, Helmet 2, Helmet 4 - Reach level 26
    Civilian Skin 2; Blue Hat; Steelhead Armor - Reach level 27
    Clank backpack - Reach level 29
    Decayed Head, Corpse Head - Reach level 25
    Grenade Vest, Infected Hale Head, Helmet 1 - Reach level 22
    Heatstack 5, Heatstack 7, Hose tech - Reach level 7
    Hip Pack 1, Hip Pack, Adrenaline Boost - Reach level 2
    Hose attachment, Radio, Backpack 2 - Reach level 9
    Hybrid 3 head, Hybrid 3 body - Reach level 14
    Hybrid 3 Variant Head; Hybrid 3 Variant Body; Heatstack 8 - Reach level 17
    Hybrid, Hybrid 2 - Reach level 3
    Leech Skin, Deminsionater - Reach level 30
    Nathan Hale Converted Head - Reach level 24
    Nathan Hale Head, Nathan Hale Body, Backpack 7 - Reach level 19
    Scientist Skin, Scientist Head, Doctor Head, Wrench - Reach level 28
    Sentinel Suit, Armor 1, and Heatstack 2 - Reach level 13
    Steelhead Head, Steelhead Body, Backpack 8 - Reach level 20
    Steelhead Variant Body, Backpack 10, Steelhead Variant Head - Reach level 23
    Warner, Hawthorne, Backpack 3 - Reach level 16

  • PS3 | Submitted by Davis, HALOfan

    Co-op Unlockables

    Unlocking a new weapon or gear means that it is available to be purchased from the store. Unlocking a berserk automatically gives it to you.

    Medic Unlockables
    Level 1 - Phoenix (Weapon)
    Level 1 - Ring of Life (Berserk)
    Level 10 - Rossmore 238 (Weapon)
    Level 12 - Phoenix Ash (Berserk)
    Level 12 Medic - Air Fuel Grenades
    Level 14 - Bioplasm Tracking Tech
    Level 16 - Assault Pack
    Level 18 - HE .44 Magnum (Weapon)
    Level 2 - M5A2 Carbine (Weapon)
    Level 22 - Bio-amp Scope
    Level 24 - Voltaic Body Armor
    Level 26 - Leech Barrel
    Level 28 - V7 Splicer (Weapon)
    Level 30 - Psychokinetic Helmet
    Level 4 - Chloroform (Berserk)
    Level 6 - Kinetic Gloves
    Level 8 - High Density Bioplasm Chamber
    Soldier Unlockables
    Level 1 - HVAP Wraith (Weapon)
    Level 1 - Ironheart (Berserk)
    Level 10 - Auger (Weapon)
    Level 12 - Air Fuel Grenades (Weapon: Grenades)
    Level 12 - Backlash (Berserk)
    Level 14 - Advanced Timing Motor
    Level 16 - Assault Pack
    Level 18 - Bullseye (Weapon)
    Level 2 - Rossmore 238 (Weapon)
    Level 24 - Voltaic Body Armor
    Level 26 - Precision Scope
    Level 28 - Laark (Weapon)
    Level 30 - Psychokinetic Helmet
    Level 4 - Overload (Berserk)
    Level 6 - Kinetic Gloves
    Level 8 - High Capacity Ammo Belt

    Spec. Ops. Unlockables
    Level 1 - Marksmen (Weapon)
    Level 1 - Prototype Ammo (Berserk)
    Level 10 - Proximity Mines (Berserk)
    Level 12 - Snake Eyes (Berserk)
    Level 12 - L23 Fareye (Weapon)
    Level 14 - Shock Suppressor
    Level 16 - Assault Pack
    Level 18 - Auger (Weapon)
    Level 2 - Bullseye (Weapon)
    Level 22 - Hawkeye Scope
    Level 24 - Voltaic Body Armor
    Level 26 - Mag-Propulsion Barrel
    Level 28 - Bellock (Weapon)
    Level 30 - Psychokinetic Helmet
    Level 4 - Invisibility (Berserk)
    Level 6 - Kinetic Gloves
    Level 8 - High Density Ammo Chamber

  • PS3 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Weapons

    After beating the game once you will be able to find these weapons in the following locations:

    Arc charger - During "No Way Out," it's at the end of the hallway near the officer's quarters
    Backlash Grenade - During the "Cathedral," it's inside the house on the first room on the left.
    L11-2 Dragon - During "Evacuation," it's inside the small bunker at the end of the Radial Mine path.
    Reapers - During the "Gauntlet," you'll find it inside the house, in front of the square.
    Splitter - During "A Desperate Gamble," it's on the second floor of the mall next to the viending machines by the windows.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Jonson

    Unlockable Modes

    Arcade Mode - beat the game on any difficulty.
    Superhuman Difficulty - beat the game on Arcade Mode

  • PS3 | Submitted by Jamab


    Berserker (Bronze) - Use every berserk at least once in Online Competitive Multiplayer.
    Big Game Hunter (Bronze) - Defeat the Marauder in the Single Player Campaign.
    Covert Ops (Bronze) - Collect 5 pieces of Intel in the Single Player Campaign.
    Exotic Weapon Collector (Silver) - Get 20 kills with each weapon in the Single Player Campaign.
    Explosives Expert (Bronze) - Get 150 kills with the Carbine 40mm, LAARK, or Frag Grenade in the Single Player Campaign.
    Exterminator (Bronze) - Defeat the Mother Spinner in the Single Player Campaign.
    Flyswatter (Bronze) - Defeat the Swarm in the Single Player Campaign.
    For Close Encounters (Bronze) - Get 10 one-hit head-shot kills with the Shotgun in the Single Player Campaign.
    Fried Calamari (Bronze) - Defeat the Kraken in the Single Player Campaign.
    I See You (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies through solid matter with the Auger in the Single Player Campaign.
    Killing Machine (Gold) - Score 10,000 kills in ranked matches in Online Competitive Multiplayer.
    Master Spy (Silver) - Collect all the Intel documents in the Single Player Campaign.
    Mind Your Surroundings (Bronze) - Get 50 indirect kills using explosive objects in levels in the Single Player Campaign.
    Nowhere to Hide (Bronze) - Tag and kill 30 enemies with the Bullseye in the Single Player Campaign.
    OMGWTFBBQ (Gold) - Complete the Single Player Campaign on Superhuman.
    Pincushion (Bronze) - Get 50 kills with the Hedgehog in the Single Player Campaign.
    Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies for Resistance 2^(TM)
    Point Man (Silver) - Earn 1 million XP from ranked games in online Competitive mode.
    Primarch Hunter (Silver) - Kill 200 Elite Chimerans in the Cooperative Campaign.
    Pyromaniac (Bronze) - Set 100 enemies of fire with the Bellock Semi-Automic, Air-Fuel Grenade, Spider Grenade, or environmental hazard in the Single Player Campaign.
    R.I.P. Jordan Shepherd (Gold) - Defeat Daedalus, Complete the Single Player Campaign.
    Rampage! (Bronze) - Kill 40 hybrids in the Single Player Campaign.
    Recycler (Bronze) - Defeat the Goliath in the Single Player Campaign.
    Salute Me (Silver) - Achieve the rank of Lieutenant.
    Sharpshooter (Bronze) - Get 30 headshots while scoped in with the Fareye or Marksman in the Single Player Campaign.
    Snipe Hunt (Silver) - Kill 30 Spinners in the Single Player Campaign.
    Specter Initiate (Bronze) - Complete 20 missions in the Cooperative Campaign.
    Specter Intel (Gold) - Collect all Intel in the Cooperative Campaign.
    Specter Officer (Silver) - Reach max level (30) with one class in the Cooperative Campaign.
    Specter Recon (Bronze) - Collect 50 pieces of gray tech in the Cooperative Campaign.
    Spitting Lead (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies using the Wraith with the force barrier engaged in the Single Player Campaign.
    Talk To The Hand (Bronze) - Use the Auger force barrier to stop 150 incoming enemy shots in the single player Campaign.
    Team Player (Bronze) - Complete 5 missions with a full party of 8 in the Cooperative Campaign.
    The Bigger They Are (Bronze) - Defeat the Leviathan in the Single Player Campaign.
    They Go "Boom" (Bronze) - Get 30 kills with the Magnum secondary fire in the Single Player Campaign.
    Tour of Duty (Bronze) - Complete one mission on each region in the Cooperative Campaign.
    Up Close and Personal (Bronze) - Get 50 melee kills with any weapon in the Single Player Campaign.
    Wrecking Machine (Bronze) - Destroy 40 vehicles in the Single Player Campaign.
    Xenocide (Silver) - Kill 1000 enemies in the Single Player Campaign.

Resistance 2 Cheats

  • PS3 | Submitted by Paul Ryan

    Briefcase Intel Guide With Video

    This is the absolute easiest, simplest way we could think of to show you precisely where each and every case is. If you cant get all the Intel Documents with our Complete Video Intel Document Guide, then we're not sure what to do to help you.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Jamba


    Mirror Levels - Obtain 3 silver trophies