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Resident Evil Village is Steam's most successful Resi game launch of all time

Resident Evil Village review
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village is the series' most successful Steam launch of all time.

As revealed by SteamDB (opens in new tab), within 24 hours of its release, the game clocked up an impressive 101,726 concurrent players on Steam – that is, players all online at the same time – beating the prior record set by Resident Evil Remake, which boasted a concurrent high of 74,277 users.

It smashes the record set by predecessor Resident Evil 7 – considered by many as a return to form of the series – of just 20,449 launch day concurrent players. 

In comparison, Resident Evil 3 Remake clocked up 60,293 users on launch day on Steam, and Resident Evil 6 just 11,879. At the time of writing, it's still in Steam's top ten of most played games, even though it's not a particularly long solo campaign.

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ICYMI, the accompanying demo has only been up for a short time, but it's already been modded to replace the monsters (opens in new tab) lurking in the dungeon section of the Resident Evil 8 castle demo (opens in new tab) with famous purple dinosaur, Barney, and it’s just as creepy to encounter him around the dark corners as it is the figures originally in the game. 

Resident Evil Village is out now on PC, PS4, PS5 (opens in new tab), Xbox One, Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), and Xbox Series S (opens in new tab), and Google Stadia. Capcom celebrated the launch by drawing a werewolf on the side of a Somerset hillside (opens in new tab).

"If I sound like I'm down on it in a few places it's only because the excellence of some parts only highlights some of the more ordinary moments," Leon explains in GamesRadar+'s Resident Evil Village review (opens in new tab)

"Resident Evil Village is an enjoyable, occasionally silly, monster hunt that's entertaining but almost completely resets all the incredible work Resident Evil 7 did to reinvent the series." 

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