Resident Evil Village free camera reveals terrifying crouching animations

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Chris Redfield has a haunting appearance in Resident Evil Village when you look at how he moves via a third-person mod.

*Spoilers for Resident Evil Village follow*

In using a free-camera mod of sorts in Resident Evil Village, Reddit user TastyHusbands,  has discovered some horrifying animations for Chris. Specifically, this discovery comes during the mission where players take control of Chris Redfield towards the end of the game. 

The video, which is also embedded below, shows the user navigating through one of the scenes with a free camera, and shows the character running awkwardly and floaty over the snow and ice. But when crouching, the true horror kicks in. Chris's limbs extend, his neck becomes elongated while his body crumples, like a human giraffe hybrid.

All of these animations weren't mean to be seen seeing as the game is played in first-person. But what's even more baffling, the section where Chris walks down the hill to grab the rifle is all in first-person for Resident Evil Village, but in free-camera, the animations aren't broken, he just glides down the hill instead.

It's a fun little discovery, and one that the Reddit user has discovered before, but with Resident Evil Village's protagonist, Ethan. According to one commenter, the animation gets worse when the player looks up, but the original poster says they're saving the video for a later post.

Capcom released Resident Evil Village earlier this year and is actively working on DLC. The game has become the fastest-selling game in the series, selling 3 million copies in only 4 days. While Village is the eighth installment in the series, it's also reportedly part of a trilogy that ends with Resident Evil 9. Development on the ninth game has allegedly been in the works since 2018 and is said to have the longest development journey in the series.

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