Resident Evil: Revelations will cost $50, even without the Circle Pad attachment

Resident Evil's first outing on the 3DS was met with a less than enthusiastic response from gamers, but it did one thing really well: proved that a Resident Evil title is possible on the 3DS. Apparently the lukewarm response was enough for Capcom to think that fans are excited enough for their next Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Revelations, to charge $10 more than the typical going rate for 3DS games, and that's without the optional (see: likely makes the game a lot better) $10 Circle Pad.

GameStop lists Revelations as costing $50, which we typically would have assumed was a typo if Capcom hadn't immediately confirmed the price hike with Kotaku. According to the representative, the game costs more because, well, it's a bigger game.

"Resident Evil Revelations is an all new Resident Evil title with over 20 hours of gameplay, and cutscenes beautifully rendered in fear-inducing 3D," Capcom told Kotaku. "A true console experience on a handheld device, Resident Evil Revelations is an epic title that offers both a single-player campaign for that classic survival horror gaming experience, and an additional RAID mode that can be played cooperatively or single player. To handle all of that data Resident Evil Revelations requires a 4GB cartridge, resulting in a higher price point."

We have some problems with this excuse. First of all, it means that the 3DS's typical cartridges are woefully unsuited for the type of games Nintendo was promising for the 3DS. If the 2GB carts are actually that much more expensive it's a huge mistake on Nintendo's part, and an issue we feel like we would have heard of before now. Secondly, this is the same company that charged $39.99 for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries, a game that was extremely lacking in content, with about three to five hours of gameplay and no cutscenes.

Sorry, Capcom, but it might be a little too late to start pretending that you're going to charge more for a game because it's a bigger, because you're certainly not known for charging less for a smaller one.

Hollander Cooper

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