Resident Evil Revelations trailer clears up the story some

With Nintendo’s Mario-heavy game barrage on the 3DS this holiday, the system is finally starting to get some real titles for a change. That trend seems to continue in the new year with releases like Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Tales of the Abyss scheduled for early 2012, but the standout is probably Resident Evil Revelations. The full-fledged original Resident Evil adventure featuring franchise stars Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine involves zombies and a giant boat, but this trailer delves a bit deeper into its background…

Following an outbreak of bio-weaponized beasts by the terrorist group Veltro, the island city of Terragrigia met an unfortunate end. The game takes place in the long ago time of 2005 and Veltro is back. The BSAA is sending out a squad to hopefully stop the terrorists for good, with that squad including Chris and Jill before their unfortunate meeting with Wesker at the start of RE5. The game hits US stores February 7 with its premium $50 price tag, though European players get it a week earlier and it comes with the Circle Pad Pro.

Henry Gilbert

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