Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City video preview playing as Jill, Ada Wong, Leon and Claire

Operation Raccoon City’s multiplayer puts players up against each other and the zombie horde with four new multiplayer modes. GamesRadar’s Lorenzo Veloria and Dave Rudden from OXM try out Heroes mode where players take control of popular characters like Leon, Claire, and Ada Wong. Check out the video below.

In all multiplayer modes, there are three opposing forces at odds at any given time. Players control either the Umbrella Secret Service (USS) operatives or a U.S. Military Spec-Ops team. Overcoming the other team with more kills, G-virus sample captures, or getting to the chopper in the respective mode will earn your team a win and experience to unlock weapons and character abilities. But the opposite team won’t be your only concern. Standing in your way are hordes of NPC zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons like Lickers, Hunters, and the hulking Tyrant who attack both sides.

In addition to Heroes, Raccoon City will have three multiplayer modes. Team attack is the standard team deathmatch, Biohazard calls for teams to collect and store five G-virus samples before the other team, and Survivor will have teams fighting for a seat on the last evacuation helicopter.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City hits stores on March 20 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Lorenzo Veloria

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