Resident Evil 4 Remake may be locking treasure behind DLC

Resident Evil 4 remake
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It looks like Capcom's highly-anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake will lock some collectible treasure behind DLC.

According to the item description on the Xbox Store, the Resident Evil 4 Treasure Map: Expansion - which is only available as part of the Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition - will signpost you to treasure that "can only be obtained by this method". This suggests, of course, that if you don't have the map, you won't find the treasure.

"Discover the hidden treasures that await!" the store teasers says (thanks, ResetEra). "With this map, additional treasures will be placed throughout the game. Some of these treasures can only be obtained by this method."

Is it a deal breaker? Probably not. And it's certainly not the first time a publisher has had us fork out extra money to access a little in-game sweetener, such as a cooler weapon or extra currency. 

But it is frustrating for some fans who want to pick up a physical copy of the game for their collections but also want these extras, too, as the Deluxe edition is currently only available digitally.

Right now, it says that the Resident Evil 4 Treasure Map: Expansion DLC is not available to buy separately, but that may change when the game releases next month. Either way, we'll keep you updated. 

Did you catch the news that Resident Evil 4 Remake is adding side quests and breakable weapons but has "barely any" QTEs? Calling QTEs "antiquated", Capcom has replaced the Resident Evil staple "with mechanics more befitting of a modern AAA horror title". This'll be most apparent in knife fights where - instead of a series of QTEs - you'll need to use your knife to parry attacks (and desperately hope they don't break on you).

We also recently confirmed that Resident Evil 4 Remake also plans to tweak Ashley Graham in a bid to make her a more useful (and less irritating) traveling companion. To that end, she no longer has a health bar but will be "downed" if she takes enough hits... and killed completely if repeatedly hurt whilst downed, of course.

Resident Evil 4 Remake launches on March 24 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and last-gen consoles. It's also coming to PSVR2, too, which means you have a couple of weeks to stock up on extra underwear. If you can't get enough, Capcom also recently dropped a new video that shows off 12 minutes of Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay from chapter five

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