Report says Xbox One prototypes have upgraded components, like a beefed-up gaming PC

It sounds like Microsoft is already testing several new Xbox devices, some of which may include those new wireless chips leaked via FCC listings (opens in new tab). Anonymous sources who spoke with The Verge (opens in new tab) confirmed that prototypes are currently being evaluated at Microsoft, though we still don't know what exactly the company plans to do with them, or when we may get a proper look at the final result.

The sources said some of these prototypes use the sort of upgraded components you'd use to upgrade a gaming PC. The Verge didn't specify, but that typically means a faster CPU, beefier video card, and improved RAM - checking similar boxes as the PS4.5 or "Neo" (opens in new tab) apparently in development at Sony.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has walked back the idea of an upgraded Xbox One (opens in new tab) since he first teased it at the Xbox Spring Showcase event, but it looks like the company is still thoroughly exploring the idea. In any case, it seems 100-percent clear now that whatever Xbox One hardware upgrades that come out would arrive as their own new packages - despite the hardware similarities, we're not looking at a PC-style do-it-yourself upgrade path. Not without seriously voiding your warranty, anyway.

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