Remember when Insomniac said Spider-Man "will never appear on PC"? Twitter sure does

Spider-Man Remastered for PC
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At yesterday's State of Play, Sony revealed that both Spider-Man games are coming to PC later this year - which has led to the internet making a whole lot of fun of an old tweet in which developer Insomniac asserted the game would be a PS4 exclusive forever.

In response to a since-deleted tweet from a fan back in June 2017, Insomniac said Spider-Man "will never appear on Xbox or PC. It's a permanent PS4 exclusive publisher [sic] by Sony Interactive Entertainment." At the time, of course, that statement was true, though technically it stopped being a PS4 exclusive when Spider-Man Remastered came to PS5.

Either way, fans are not letting the studio live this down.

Insomniac reiterated Spider-Man's exclusivity in April 2020, though this statement was perhaps a bit more ill-advised, coming, as it did, just a month after Sony announced its first PC port with Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sony's been expanding its PC port efforts, bringing Days Gone and God of War to PC over the past year. In a recent report, the company said it intends to triple its PC gaming revenue over the next year, and two Spider-Man games - plus the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection - certainly get us closer to that future.

Exclusives have become a less integral part of the strategy for both Xbox and PlayStation, and as enjoyable as it is to make fun of old tweets, these ports make a lot of sense with how Sony is now doing business. And since the publisher has confirmed that the series has sold over 33 million units, it seems the games have already met more than enough success on their native platforms.

Now, Insomniac is tweeting about ways Spider-Man won't be exclusive: the PC versions are coming to both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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