Remedy made this Control PS1 demake for April Fools but we actually want it

A Control PS1 demake video has been revealed by Remedy and the only April Fooling going on here is the fact that we can't play it right now.

Remedy shared a 50-second long clip of the game, which it's calling Control (1996), on its official YouTube account. Fun fact: Remedy did actually exist in 1996, and it even put out its first game, the top-down car combat racer Death Rally, that year. The Control demake still appears to start Jesse Faden - though she's chopped her ponytail off for a much easier to animate chin-length cut, and dyed her hair brown as well - as she fights against the Hiss through the endless hallways and conference rooms of the Federal Bureau of Control.

On top of some delightfully blotchy textures and unashamed placeholder assets (including big grey boxes labeled "Throw Me"), the demake shows off a surprisingly broad representation of Jesse's combat abilities and powers - she levitates, she evades, she swaps the Service Weapon between multiple forms depending on the situation. This seems to be a fully-featured April Fool's Day Joke, and I hope Remedy shares some playable form of it with fans, even if it's brief and janky. Also, ideally not actually for the original PlayStation, because we have no idea where we left ours. 

Speaking of new things we want to play from Remedy, reports are circulating that the studio is finally at work on Alan Wake 2 thanks to its publishing deal with Epic Games. We'll have to wait and see if anything comes of it, but that's another piece of Remedy history we'd be happy to revisit.

Check out our list of Control Easter eggs to see how it's already connected to Alan Wake.

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