Relive World of Warcraft Classic with your old raiding buddies thanks to Blizzard's WoW reunion forums

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World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard's legacy edition of its hit MMO that rewinds the years back to version 1.12 of Azeroth from 2004, is releasing in just three weeks time as a free update to anyone with a WoW subscription, and - to quote Illidan himself - you are not prepared. 

Blizzard itself, however, is badgering away at making sure launch day is as smooth as it can be come August 27, and has even gone out of its way to reconnect old players returning to WoW who may want to party up with their former raiding friends and relive the experience together. 

Through the official "Classic Connections" forum set up by Blizzard, you can work your way through a survey to find and reunite with the people who were playing on the same server at the same time on the same side (Horde or Alliance) as yourself, hopefully bumping into some familiar faces along the way.

The forum also acts as a good entry point for new players who are planning to sign up to Classic this month, and want to find new potential questing buddies for the experience, and - for those who used to enjoy the PvP servers - you can even look up to see if your old nemesis is returning to the game, ready for round two (hundred).

In other related news, the latest upcoming patch to the MMORPG is set to bring the infamous Hearthstone Tavern to Azeroth, alongside the usual smorgasbord of hot fixes and balance updates, while Blizzard is kicking off its final stress test for Classic tomorrow, and you can find more info on how to sign up and get in here.  

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