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Overwatch is Switchin' it up

Blizzard worked with port masters Iron Galaxy to bring the beloved shooter to the Nintendo Switch in a way that did the game justice. Overwatch's legacy is not one to mess with - its professional league garners millions of viewers, its lore is beloved, and changes to its meta are met with endless waves of feedback. 

Being able to have the heroes of Overwatch in backpack is nothing short of exhilarating, and the adjustments made to the game to have it work on Switch are subtle, but necessary. Overwatch on Switch will have all existing heroes and content from the existing PC and console versions, with no plans (as of yet) to include Nintendo exclusives. 

In terms of controls, the Switch version will have touchscreen menus and a slightly different UI, as well as the option to turn on gyroscopic aiming. This means you can choose to play the game in handheld and use the internal gyroscopes to assist in aiming - potentially creating an entirely new Overwatch meta. 

If you're a Switch owner and an Overwatch fan, prepare to spend the next few weeks glued to your handheld. For Switch owners who have never played Overwatch, your new favorite game awaits. Alyssa Mercante

What: Overwatch
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: October 15

We’re getting an actual honest-to-Manhattan Watchmen sequel 

If you’re a lover of Watchmen, this is must-see TV. If not, it’s still damn near essential. After all, its creator, Damon Lindelof, helped craft two of the most maddening mysteries of the 21st Century in Lost and The Leftovers. You’re in for a wild ride either way.

Taking place decades after the original story, superheroes are no more. The only sign that the original Watchmen ever existed are the creepy new Rorschach-styled cult, the Seventh Cavalry, who eventually take the fight to Oklahoma’s boys (and girls) in blue.

What happens after that? It’s anyone’s guess, with only the briefest of glimpses shown so far in trailers of series mainstays Ozymandias (played by Jeremy Irons) and the omnipotent Doctor Manhattan. But with Lindelof’s track record and HBO’s hefty backing, it’s surely all we’re going to be talking about every Monday morning right through until Christmas. Bradley Russell

What: Watchmen
Where: HBO (Sky Atlantic in the UK)
When: October 20

The Witcher 3 brings all of Geralt’s adventures to a Switch near you

It’s been four years since The Witcher 3 first arrived and few games have beaten it since. There’s a reason behind all the hype for CD Projekt Red’s next game Cyberpunk and the Witcher 3 is it. It’s a huge, lavish action RPG that redefined open worlds as we know it with a landscape full of missions and stories to uncover. All of which was wrapped in a moral ambiguity that meant the ‘right’ choice wasn’t always the best. Now you get to experience it all again (or maybe for the first time) on the Switch, meaning you have an incredible, huge experience to take with you anywhere. And, as well as the already expansive main campaign, you’ll get all the old DLC, including the Hearts of Stone story expansions, which all adds around 40 hours to the main 60-80 hours campaign. For a small console that’s a lot of game, and an amazing addition to the Nintendo Switch’s already strong library. 

What: The Witcher 3
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: October 15

We’re seeing double in Zombieland: Double Tap

Ten years after Zombieland proved itself a surprisingly funny zombie comedy, and the gang are back. This time, though, they have a few more Oscar nominations. In the years since Zombieland, the foursome – Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Woody Harrelson – have all had huge successes, and getting them all to return together was a minor scheduling miracle. 

Of course, they’ve all grown (particularly Breslin, who joked during an interview with Total Film: "Woody and Jesse had no idea who I was when I walked on the set!”) but, judging from what we’ve seen, that same wonderful chemistry between them all remains in tac. This time, though, they’re not the only group of survivors in this post-apocalyptic zombie land – there’s a new, very similar group to contend with, formed of Rosario Dawson, Zoey Deutch, Luke Wilson, and Thomas Middleditch. Fingers crossed, there’s another cameo as good as Bill Murray’s in the first one. Jack Shepherd

What: Zombieland: Double Tap
Where: Cinemas
When: October 18

Ring Fit Adventure is about to gamify your exercise regime

Obviously doing exercise is a good thing to do(TM), but life puts plenty of barriers in the way – expensive gym memberships, time constraints, delicious food, pesky video games… the list goes on. But what if you could ditch the gym membership, and combine exercise with one of your favourite things: video games. Well, rejoice, because Nintendo has done just that. Meet Ring Fit Adventure, the exercise game (yes, you read that right) for the Switch. It comes with a brand new accessory, the Ring Con, which acts as a resistance band that you can push and pull to accomplish feats in the game's extensive story. Nintendo states that even if you play every day for 90 days, you'll struggle to see all it has to offer. Who said exercising can't be fun? Sam Loveridge

What: Ring Fit Adventure
Nintendo Switch
October 18

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