Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies and games (March 18 - 24)

1. Be prepared for Jordan Peele to terrify you all over again with his new horror film Us

When Get Out hit cinemas back in 2017, it was all anyone was talking about. A smart and clever commentary on racism in America, wrapped in one of the best horror movies of the year, it rocketed its writer and director Jordan Peele to international stardom almost over night. Now the filmmaker is back with his second directorial film and it looks to be another flick which will keep you up at night. Starring Black Panther co-stars Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke as a mother and father who take their two children on a short holiday with friends, things take a decidingly twisted turn when another family starts stalking them… in fact, it turns out to be them! Confused? Just watch the trailer above and be terrified already. Lauren O’Callaghan

What: Us
When: March 22, 2019
Where: Cinemas

2. Is Google really going to launch a games console at GDC?

In amongst all the chatter about PS4 and Xbox Project Scarlett, Google is about to drop its very own console. Normally, Google rocking up to GDC isn't a big deal, what with all the awesome best Android games out there, but this year it's going to be. The search engine giant has been teasing its big "future of gaming" GDC event since early February, and it's looking more and more likely it'll be a video game console for the Project Stream platform. The suggestion is that it'll be a streaming console, akin to something like the Nvidia Shield console that'll let you play big (and mobile) games on your TV over the internet, potentially running Xbox's Project xCloud technology, or carrying on with what Google has already been doing with Project Stream that lets you play Assassin's Creed Odyssey in your browser. It's an interesting look at the potential future of games consoles, after all rumour has it that Xbox is going fully digital, and cloud-based for Xbox Project Scarlett. Is this really the future of gaming? Let's all tune in at 10AM PDT / 6PM BST on March 19 and find out together. Sam Loveridge

What: Google at GDC
Where: Online / San Francisco's Moscone Centre
When: March 19, 10AM PDT / 6PM BST

3. Prepare to die so, so much with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

You know the deal with any FromSoftware game: it’s going to be hard, you’re going to die a lot and you’re going to have to pretend it’s okay as you grind another controller to dust on your upteenth boss defeat, because if you complain someone will say git gud and there may well be actual death. Sekiro looks challenging already, with its monster filled samurai swordplay built around parrying to open up enemies for a killing blow. But the fact that it’s neither Dark Souls or Bloodborne means nothing you’ve played before will help you. There’s an element of stealth for example, and mechanical arm with a grappling hook to help you get around the levels. In fact the thing it looks most like is FromSoftware’s 1998 PS1 title Tenchu, another game about a ninja with a grappling hook that this could almost be a weird spiritual sequel to. Leon Hurley

What: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Where: PS4, Xbox One, PC
When: March 22

4. Unravel 2 comes out on Switch on March 22, cementing it as a perfect break the ice, play-with-friends console

Look, I’ll be real with you for a second: sometimes friendships can break down. You don’t reply to that message they sent you, they don’t get back to you about whether they can come to your party, you feel that awkwardness between you when you meet. Hey, it happens. But Unravel 2 is coming to Switch soon, and is the perfect way to rekindle that spark of friendship that might have gone awry. You and a soon-to-be-buddy play as two Yarnys that are tied together and have to solve various puzzles as a pair, which will either lead to you growing closer with a fresh understanding about how well you fit together...or you’ll be screaming at each other and your bond will be in tatters by the end. Yarny’s wholesome, chill setting makes that latter option very unlikely though, so if you’re in the need of some extra friendship juice, Unravel 2 could be the game for you. Zoe Delahunty-Light

What: Unravel 2
Nintendo Switch
March 22

5. Prepare to be infected with Two Point Hospital's medical madness all over again

Two Point Hospital was already packed full of puns and people to cure, but it's latest DLC Pebberley Island promises to squeeze in even more mischief and medicine. There's a tropical theme this time around, and three new hospitals to play with, all with their own very distinct challenges, Pebberley Reef, Overgrowth, and Topless Mountain. There are 34 new illness to contend with, including Wanderust and Blank Look, and new items for those of us who like our medical establishments to look fancy as fudge. 

What: Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island DLC
Where: PC
When: March 18

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