Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (June 29-July 5)

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1.  Lead a new generation of students in another battle in Erebonia

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is the modern branch of the storied Trails line of JRPGs. The third game takes place a bit over a year after the events of the second game, as protagonist Rean Schwarzer returns to lead a new generation of students in another battle in Erebonia. Anime high schoolers fighting fantasy wars in faux-European countries - classic. 

Cold Steel has always offered a buffet of JRPG goodness, and as evidenced by its PS4 and PC versions, the third game is no different. The series is known for dynamic and inventive turn-based combat, Persona-lite relationships that encourage you to bond with teammates, layered dungeons, and often-overlooked features like turbo mode and New Game+. Cold Steel 3 has refined this tried-and-true formula even further, adding new wrinkles to combat and customization (which we won't spoil). 

Cold Steel is also a massive continuing story - with a fourth game already in the works - so you'll get a lot more out of this one if you've played the previous entries. It's not a necessity, and in-game summaries will help you get up to speed, but you'll likely lose out on a lot of cool plot points and character moments if you go in blind. But if you just want good turn-based combat, you're in the right place. 

What: The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel 3
Where: Switch
When: June 30 

2.  Put your teamwork to the test in this co-op adventure featuring adorable bipedal robots 

Nothing tests the bonds of friendship quite like a good co-op game, and you can now put your skills as a team to the test on Switch with the arrival of Biped. As two cute little bipedal robots, Aku and Sila, you have to overcome puzzles and various challenges together to save Earth from going dark. Since it's physics-based, you'll have to use the Switch's analog sticks to control each of the two legs on the robot in order to walk and perform actions to get through each level. With over 30 stages that all have a variety of different settings and challenges, communication is key if you're working in a team. Of course, you always have the option to play it solo, too. Oh, and most importantly of all, you can also buy hats to put on your robot. 

What: Biped
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: July 2 

3. Marvel’s Iron Man VR puts you in the super suit for a taste of life as a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist 

Following a brief, COVID-19 related delay, Marvel's Iron Man VR is finally taking to the skies next week, exclusively on PlayStation VR. That means only those who own a PS4 and Sony's virtual reality headset can enjoy this new superhero story from developer Camouflaj, but the dogfighting sim promises to be worth its high entry barrier. You am Iron Man in Iron Man VR, which takes place entirely from the perspective of Tony Stark's famous armour, giving players full reign of his repulsor jets, chest beams, and plenty more. It's a power fantasy like no other, and potentially the next must-own PS VR game on Sony's system. Just be sure to take breaks between play sessions for a quick bite of shawarma every now and again. 

What: Iron Man VR
Where: PS4
When: July 3 

4.  Relive Hamilton, the musical phenomenon that took over the world, on Disney Plus 

Whether you want to relive Hamilton – the musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda – or want to see what all the fuss is about, Disney Plus is making sure ‘The Room Where it Happens’ is none other than your own this week.

Filmed especially for broadcast, Hamilton’s Disney Plus debut features the original cast in a recording of the Broadway show. It was originally set for cinemas in late 2021 but the Mouse House has seen fit to give us all a little gift in these trying times. It has everything: surprise, suspense and, yes, a collection of songs you’ll be humming long after the curtain calls. And the front row seat is all yours.

What: Hamilton
Where: Disney Plus
When: July 3 

5. Netflix brings the scares with Ju-On: Origins 

A new Netflix series based on the psychologically scarring Ju-On movies (adapted in the US as The Grudge) sends a paranormal researcher hunting for a cursed house, which will definitely turn out well. It's a clever take on adapting the iconic movie series for TV, because rumors around the original suggested the tale was based on a true story. Whether or not the rumors were right, or just confusing an urban legend with reality, it doesn't make the trailer for Ju-On: Origins any less spooky. The series stars Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Yuina Kuroshima, and Ririka, and there will be six episodes. 

What: Ju-On: Origins
Where: Netflix
When: July 3

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