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Redfall screenshots leak online

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Images allegedly taken from Arkane Austin's all-new co-op shooter, Redfall, have leaked online.

While the original images posted to Imgur were swiftly deleted, few – if anything – gets past the internet these days, and the handful of less-than-stellar quality shots are already popping up elsewhere on social media. 

Here, have a peek:

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Though the images don't give away much, we get to see some of the in-game environments – reportedly these shots were taken via a playtest – and some still feature placeholder graphics. Consequently, we shouldn't take these as anything other than a lovely sneaky peek; they're likely not representative of the final quality, and games change significantly during development, so all of the maps, characters, and weapons we see here are subject to change. 

That said, it's certainly intriguing, not least because the screenshots show players from both a first- and third-person perspective, leading some to speculate that the game may give players the option.

ICYMI, Redfall has seemingly been in development for almost half a decade, with some developers mentioning the game on their LinkedIn profiles as far back as August 2017, when the game was in early incubation. The news likely assured some fans who wondered how an entirely new IP could release as soon as next year, particularly as we've yet to see any gameplay footage.

Redfall is a new co-op vampire-slaying game from the developers of Deathloop, Dishonored, and Prey, and it's headed to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in summer/Q3 2022. And yes, as one of Microsoft's family of studios by way of the recent Bethesda acquisition, Redfall is indeed a day one addition to Xbox Game Pass as soon as it launches. 

For more, here's everything we know so far about Redfall, a new IP that sends players to the town of Redfall, which has been overrun by bloodsucking vampires. Players will gather together in squads of up to four - or solo - to take down the deadly vampires by any means necessary.

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