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Red Wii and DSi XL bundles arrive November 7

Hope you didn't succumb to the black Wii a few months ago, cuz Nintendo just announced a bright red, Mario-themed pair of bundles for both Wii and DSi XL. Both arrive on November 7, strategically placed between Super Mario Bros' 25-year anniversary and the post Thanksgiving shopping blitz.

Above: This slick looking package includes New Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii Sports (but no Resort?) and the new attachment-free Wii Remote that includes MotionPlus - $199.99

Above: The DSi XL bundle offers Mario Kart DS and some other junk, plus has a trio of iconic Mario power-ups emblazoned next to the camera. Why couldn't the Wii have some of that too?- $179.99

Those are both strong offerings for anyone who's held out this long, but with sales numbers so high, it's getting harder to imagine millions of extra people who still wanta Wii or DS- especially with the 3DS right around the corner and buzz of a replacement Wii console starting to bubble up.

There's a third bundle arriving on 11/7, which is a FlingSmash/MotionPlus collection for $49.99. That'd be the new MotionPlus that's built into the Wii Remote, not the pudgy attachment we've been using all year.

October 21, 2010