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Red Steel explained

Last time we saw Ubisoft's yakuza-themed shooter Red Steel, it was looking kinda rough. The wireless Wii remote wasn't offering the precision control we were promised and the visuals, while acceptable, really didn't look much different than a GameCube game.

Well, if today's new screens are any indication, at least the graphics are improving. These shots could easily be "target" visuals and not in-game grabs, but Stephane Bachelor, artistic director for Steel, says the work-in-progress graphics from E3 are still under construction, though progressing past what we've seen thus far.

Bachelor adds that Steel's overall visual design was created to convey the culture shock of a US citizen living amongst all the Japanese gang violence. Seemingly contradictory sights, like dojos or fully dressed geisha plastered against the latest high-tech doodads, are all over the place. With any luck, you'll feel more immersed in the culture and colors of Japan as you shoot and slice through waves of gun-toting guards.

Red Steel is a Wii launch title, a console that still doesn't have a concrete release date - though late October's looking pretty likely.

August 18, 2006

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