Red Dwarf X: No Age Limits

Red Dwarf returns to Dave on Thursday 4 October for its first full season since 1999. To celebrate the fact, the new issue of SFX – #227, on sale Wednesday 19 September – has a major interview with three of the show’s stars: Craig Charles (Lister), Chris Barrie (Rimmer) and Robert Llewellyn (novelty condom head), and some great behind-the-scenes images too (which we’re not allowed to show you on the site yet, so you’ll have to buy the issue).

Here’s a little taster, in which they address how the series doesn’t address the ravages of age:

Craig Charles: “We thought about addressing the whole age thing, but it didn’t really come up in any of the stories.”

Robert Llewellyn: “I thought it would need to, but in fact, now I’ve seen them, it doesn’t make any difference at all. I’ve had torrents of comments saying Kryten looks older.”

Chris Barrie: ‘That’s extraordinary. They said that? That he looks older!? What, the latex looks older?”

Robert Llewellyn: “They released a photograph of Danny and I sitting in the audience and there were a lot of comments like, ‘I see Kryten’s had some hard-drive upgrades in the midsection!’ It’s all the costume bulging out, underneath is a f**king rigid six-pack.”

Craig Charles: “He’s full of extra software.”

Robert Llewellyn: “Very soft ware.”

“The show was at its funniest with an audience”

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