Your first (brief) glimpse of Red Dead Redemption 2 in first person

We already knew you could play Red Dead Redemption 2 in first person, but the latest trailer has given us our first glimpse of what that actually looks like. It's not a huge surprise given Rockstar introduced the camera tech in GTA 5, but it's still nice to see the the Red Dead Redemption 2 first person mode in action. 

You can see the first person bit at 3m24s in the trailer up there, and here it is picked out in case you have no patience.  

As you can see, horse riding and gunplay both look pretty well suited to Red Dead Redemptions 2's first person mode. I'm not sure if I'd play all of it in that view given it's likely been designed and created primarily as a third person experience, but I'm certainly going to spend a lot of time in the mode. 

Even in that brief look it shows the detail of the world off beautifully and may well be the best way to 'be' there. The level of detail in everything from the show mountains to misty forests looks incredible and a first person perspective is going to make that look even more impressive. It all depends on whether shooting and cover systems favour the default third person option, or balance well between the two. 

If you're after more then Rockstar has previously revealed that there will be over 200 Red Dead Redemption 2 animals to hunt (some of which you can see hanging off your horse in this trailer) but that's a scale that comes at a cost, with Red Dead Redemption 2 requiring 105GB hard drive space to install, making it one of the biggest PS4 games around. 

Leon Hurley
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