This Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne really transforms (watch out, its sharp)

The webseries Man at Arms, which crafts real-life versions of your favorite video game weapons, has finally gone to Yharnam. This week, the talented blacksmith team crafted a Saw Cleaver - AKA that nasty-looking hunk of twisted metal and sharp edges you see on the cover of Bloodborne. And it is freakin' cool.

Count me impressed. The Man at Arms crew has brought a lot of fictional weaponry into the real world, but I'd argue none of their previous work has been quite so impractical as a Bloodborne trick weapon. I would've thought a Yharnam Hunter's weaponry would be difficult - if not outright impossible - to craft, but the crew did it, and it looks ready to mess some beasts up.

Bravo, guys. Now just collect some blood echoes and talk to a creepy doll so you can increase your strength and wield it one-handed.

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Image: AWE me

Sam Prell

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