Real-life Pip-Boy is functionally delightful and practically useless

We all like to hope that none of the armed conflicts or escalating WMD stockpiles in the world of 2011 will actually trigger a nuclear apocalypse, but it's prudent to be prepared, just in case. One soul doing his homework for such an eventuality is YouTube's MyMagicPudding, who's put together a full-size (albeit non-wearable) Pip-Boy 3000 to rival any of the Portal fan-creations doing the rounds of late. You'll need a pretty high Science or Barter skill to get your hands on one (or, for that matter, to get one on your hands) though.

While this isn't the first corporeal Pip-Boy to surface, most modders content themselves with sticking a new screen in the clock that came with the Survival Edition of Fallout 3. Not so Mr. Pudding, who followed the lead of more adventurous prop-builders at The RPF to put together a sturdier creation, augmenting the tool with an Android app custom-built for the purpose. If you've ever wished you could track your stats IRL, this may be the best way to do it – provided your Speech skill is high enough to explain why you're carrying about a huge watch that doesn't even fit on your hand. The prop hasn't been made available for the general public yet, but MyMagicPudding calls this a “prototype,” so you may be lucky yet.

Sep 6, 2011

Source: GameSetWatch