Razer Project Hazel facemask coming later this year

Project Hazel
(Image credit: Razer)

Razer facemask Project Hazel is real and it's coming later this year. 

During Razer's E3 press conference, the tech company further outlined its upcoming RGB facemask. It not only reaffirmed the project was real but would be starting to get out to people by the end of Q4 this year. 

The prototype of the facemask was shown earlier this year at CEX, but the final and revised version has been showcased at this E3. For as potentially silly as a Razer RGB facemask might sound, it's clear the company has put a serious amount of thought into making it safe and fully featured. 

The mask comes equipped with a surgical N95 respirator protecting users from droplets and also includes active ventilation capable of filtering 95% of airborne particles. What's more, the mask comes with a special charging case with a UV light interior, meaning the mask should be sterilized after use. 

The mask also has several functions to make communication easier. It features a clear plate so your mouth can be seen and even has a low light function that will kick in and illuminate you when it's dark. It also features a built-in mic and amplifier which should project your voice clearly when trying to talk with the mask on.

Razer warns that availability of the mask will be low, but that the first "drop" will come in Q4 this year at Razer.com. It doesn't appear that the mask will be available anywhere else. Right now, there is also no price announced for the product.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the mask, there is a slightly peculiar alternative available to you. Razer has set up an Instagram filter that maps Project Hazel to your face. That way you can share what the facemask will look like on you, if that is something you feel like you need. 

However, while this face mask might seem excessive, Razer has pointed out its charitable work around the pandemic to off-put that a little bit. The company claims to have provided over one million medical-grade facemasks globally. 

Razer now appears like its ready to kick the facemask game up to RGB levels of gamer. It's not clear if the facemask game had to go to these levels, but we're going there regardless. And, for what it's worth, it actually sounds like an impressive bit of tech.

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