Rayman Raving Rabbids - EXCLUSIVE minigames preview

So let's take a look at those minigames. We've got six for you today and there will be another three next Wednesday, with the final three the week after.

TV Party supports up to four players, both with turn-based play and free-for-alls. There's even support for the Wii Fit Balance Board, which is welcome indeed, though not essential. Each game is based on the sort of thing you'd see on TV at a certain time of day, and you play through a day's worth of shows (usually seven) in each session, with the winner of each round choosing the channel for the next. So let's see what's on the telly...

Garden of Weeden

We love that little scene at the beginning. In this game, players take turns to play, keeping the evil triffid-like herbs down for as long as they can. The stream of weedkiller (what did you think it was?) flows automatically - you just have to direct it with the Wii-mote.


The next minigame is another turn-taker, but much more exciting: Tractormania! Here you hold the Wii-mote on its side, much like in Excite Truck or that cow-racing game in Wii Play. Holding A drifts around the turns and powers up your boost bar. There are some shortcuts too and extra points for knocking your opponents off the track (although the blades of your combine harvester don't mince them up - pity).

Rabbid Wrestling

But enough of the turn-taking - it's true multiplayer fun that we want. So how about some Rabbid Wrestling? The idea is to hit your opponents for points whilst avoiding the huge pro-wrestlers who fall from the sky. It's very silly but frantic and fun - and we like the way players can still move along the side of the ring after they're 'out' and swing their plungers at passing opponents.