Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart dimension hopping recreated in Dreams

The dimension-hopping freefall of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has been replicated in Dreams, right down to nearly instantaneous load times.

Dreams artist Martin Nebelong, who works for Media Molecule and was also responsible for that sublimely meta Bob Ross painting within a Bob Ross painting (also in Dreams), says they've been wanting to take on a project like this ever since the first trailers for Rift Apart dropped. It's also a handy way to "show just how well-optimized Dreams is" since the whole thing is running on a PS5. Insomniac Games isn't the only one who can show up with mind-bogglingly brief load times.

The video shows one of Dreams' default player avatars (this one looks like a blue drawing figure) soaring, or perhaps falling, through more than a half dozen worlds. Some are beautiful landscapes, some are cyberpunk cityscapes, one is a dimension composed entirely of giant, smirking, blue-haired women - you know, the usual Dreams stuff.

The transitions between each massive scene are remarkably quick, with the screen briefly blurring then fading straight into the next dimension. You can even see what it looks like in VR (sort of anyway, it's still flat on your screen) thanks to another video shared by Nebelong.

While we've been watching with glee as load screens melt away ever since PS5 came out, many of the most impressive changes have come in big-budget PS5 exclusives. It's exciting to see smaller creators pulling off some phenomenal results with that super-fast SSD, too.

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